Thomas Willams
[[Knd oc number 2013 by babysmurfrock-d6xashm|250px]]







Occupation in sector

2X4 Technology Officer



Thomas Willams, also known as 2013, is a character created by Babysmurfrocks. 

Background InformationEdit

He was entered into KND at the age of 8, a month before his 9th birthday, and became the 2x4 Technology Officer of the sector. He is all ways willing to help his friends when they are in danger, or just need help with something. Just like Numbuh 2012a and 2012b he is eager to fight adult tyranny, but likes to stick with the age-appropriate missions for his sector.


As a 9-year-old 2x4 Technology Officer he builds most of the 2x4 Technology in his team; he even helped modify most of Sector IN's Treehouse after he joined the KND. He is often called by the nickname of "Tech" by his team mates because of his love of Technology above everything else. He is also the pilot of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. for his Sector.


Blonde spikey-ish hair, blue jeans, light green shirt, white socks (which are usually never seen because his jeans cover them), and black and white shoes

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