Spanther sings "Welcome to the Nightmare".

Spanther is the main antagonist from the "Wally Crazy" episode. He is a skeletal young-age man. He sings "Welcome to the Nightmare."  At the almost end of the episode, he tried to kill Numbuh 362, however, he screamed because he is melting and turn into a skeleton. He was voiced by a Alice Cooper.


  • He is very crazy, scary, nonsense and nervous.


  • He is slender and very fragile, pale skin, slightly long red hair, false yellow eyeballs, very long nose, scars on his face, crooked teeth, fingers are skeletal long and old white shirt with rips, jeans and barefoot.

  • His personality is similar to the Rasputin from 1997 film Anastasia.
  • He has a pet scorpion.
  • His name is similar to the panther.

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