Sector X - KND

The kids of Sector X, created by Numbuh 404 and her friend.

Sector X is the second generation of kids, replacing Sector R. They exist in Kissimmee, Florida not too far from the original team; the tree house remains in the sanctuary of Green Swamp some 30 miles away. They also attend Celebration Elementary during the school year. They usually call up Sector N when they need help.

The members of the team include:

  • Numbuh 666A: Explosives Expert and little sister to former Numbuh 666.
  • Numbuh 938: Second in Command.
  • Numbuh 900: Leader of Sector X and Beachgoer.
  • Numbuh 956: Computer de-viralizer and 2x4 Scientist.
  • Numbuh 998: Make-up and Costume Specialist.