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Sector R's tree house is located in the wildlife sanctuary of Green Swamp, Florida while the team lives about 30 miles away in the city of Kissimmee. The five kids attend Celebration Elementary during the school year and live within the same cul-de-sac. After they are all decommissioned, they are replaced by Sector X.


  • Numbuh 593: The leader of the team and is in Honors History at school.
  • Numbuh 641: Known as the "baby" of the group, he is the 2x4 Tester, and son figure to Numbuh 652 (whom he views like a "friend-mom" as he refers to).
  • Numbuh 650: The 2x4 Expert and Korean member of Sector R.
  • Numbuh 652: Double-Checker and Mother Operative of Sector R.
  • Numbuh 666: The "eyes and ears" of Sector R and Second in Command.

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