Numbuh 519 {Leader}

Numbuh 59 {2x4 officer}

Numbuh 517 {Inventor}

Numbuh 604 {Creater}

Typical new infromation as from 2013 {2015 update}Edit

Hi ya'll, Numbuh 519 here. I wouold like to just give you guys and gals a heads p on lots ofnew experiments going on with our team. As you may or may not know, years ago we had to not only transfer the treehouse of sector H to Salem Oregon, we had to redesign it too. Something wen't bazurk so we couldn't find the blueprints of plan A but we are doing alright now a days. I am personally on my own misions with some ladies I have who are my mentors. Both are in their early 20"s. Since my Sophmore year of High school, I meet with my first mentor, she's super nice and we got along very well for awhile. I do appreceate the support and lesson's I learned from her. Although something about her get's me curios by her appearence and oddly direct communication. This is just a theory though, hadn't been able to loook deep into it.

My mentor sfrom school has been quite the adventure for me. I don't want to expose names though Anyway, I had to turn 18 years old last october. Years sure do fly by. I might not be a KND operative by sight but by heart no matter if I am 40 I would be. Just trying to get this student position back in case where I know what I'm doin. Thanks frioends.   

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