The Prison For Evil Villains AKA (PFEV) Is A Special Prison Phicilty For Dangerously Wanted Super Villains That Will Be Appearing In Codename: Kids Next Door's Season 7 Movie. Amer Became A Prison Guard. A Total 100 Precent Prison Guard Of That Place. This Prison Notouriously Keeps Any Dangerously Wanted Villains In Their Own Prisons. Its Founder Was Jonny Joe Lightning Gazel (Stazel) In 2004. Amer Became A Prison Guard In 2010 till Amer Resigned His Prison Duties And Became A Hamsterveil Prison Guard and Lion Leaf Squad Leader. Stazel Understands Amer's Resignation and Gave Him A Golden Award For Best Service In The Prison. Amer still visits the Prison For Evil Villains To Tell The Villains That They Have Been Bad. The Prison Of Evil Villains Begun Construction in 2000. in 2003 it was finished. It Begun Its Day On 2005 Their Motto Is Dangerous Villains Caught In Jail, We Deal With Them Personally

That Is Their Mtoto Completely.

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