Operation: S.T.A.T.S is a fanfiction to be written by Babysmurfrocks , featuring some of her original characters of Sector I

Characters from the orginal show:

About the StoryEdit

Months before Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S two boys, who are brothers, along with their friends have finished their training and graduated to KND operatives as they take Sector I as the last member, Numbuh 2000 , is decommisioned. When this happens Cree shows up and takes Numbuh 2000 in as a recruit, which Number 2000 gladly excepts. For the new Sector I's team members first mission they must spy on Cree and Numbuh 2000 to see what the teenagers are planning and report back to moon base so Sector V can handle it.

There will be character descriptions upon the entry or speaking of new characters and some show characters. Also when 2x4 Technology, what ever kind, appears the acronym will be spelled out for the purpose of it.

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