Random 97 by pinkandorangesunset-d5qj29i

Victoria a.k.a  Numbuh 97 is a happy go lucky, dizzy headed fifteen year old girl. She is australian and british, which creates her a very, unique, voice! She is a former knd member who worked in secotr d. She is now a specially trained tnd member. She has a talent for popping out from nowhere to scare an unexpected 'victim'. 


age 5- she wears overalls with an white short sleeved shirt along with a shorter orange shirt ontop of that. She has her hair in pigtails.

age 10- she wears a pink long sleeved shirt with a brown belt on her chest. She also wears light blue skinny jeans and black and white chucks. Numbuh 97 also wears her hair in a ponytail with a red baseball hat covering her head.

age 14- she wears a blue and white long sleeved shirt with light blue skinny jeans, blue socks, and black and white chucks. Numbuh 97 wears a ponytail with a bit of her hair still down.

age 15-18- she wears a blue and black plaid shirt with blue skinny jeans and black and white chucks. Numbuh 97 has her hair down and curly.


Numbuh 97 goes by either her codename or her real name. She hangs out with mainly the knd but she is also seen with her 'triplet sisters'. Victoria has a crush on numbuh 187 a.k.a Daniel. Numbuh 97 is known for her surprise apperances, where she pops up from anywhere and usually scares any and everyone of her victims. She is quirky and crazy at times but does keep low level when it is needed. Numbuh 97 has her blonde moments a little too often, though, she is loved for it. Victoria is also a fangirl and the neighbor of numbuh 4 a.k.a Wallabee Beatles. She used to be known to the knd as the annoying little girl down the block who used to get in mischeif all of the time. Of course, nothing has changed over those years. She seems to always find a way to get into trouble that she should have never been into in the first place. Victoria loves to draw in her free time, when she's not working with the knd/tnd or going on a top secret mission she's usually found above her rooftop drawing. She loves to make people laugh, which means she will do anything and everything to just get a grin out of you if you are having a bad day.

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