Why is it so cold by pinkandorangesunset-d5frqee

Walter Lovejoy a.k.a Numbuh 92 a guy who seems to always think a step forward before someone else. You never know what he's thinking about. He is a elleven year old british boy. Walter is in the knd with sector dA. 


Walter wears a red long sleeved shirt, along with blue jeans and converses. He also has white hair with two cow licks at the middle. He also wears a two shaded brown scarf.


shy, quite, and mysterious. All the things that describe Walter. He is laid back, but can get angry at times. Like any other boy, he loves to eat His favorite food is shrimp. He loves to hike on nature trails and is interested in photography. Walter also likes to be in the water. Swimming all day and seeing the beautiful sites of the coast is where he always wants to be. Walter grew up in England. His family always seemed happy and free. But as Walter got older, he became very quite. He went along streets with his father, George, taking pictures of the beautiful things in nature and exposing it to the world. He then found the love of oceans and water. One day, on a stormy night, Walter was taking a picture on the coast. Waves splashed back and forth rapidly. Walter didn't care, for he was taught to never fear the ocean. He saw a the biggest wave of his life, but for that moment, the wave had almost taken his life. He was sucked into the cold icey water. Walter thought he was going to freeze to death; but luckily the knd had saved him in time. He eventually was able to see his family again, but when he was there he got the news that his mother was deathly ill, and he finally saw her as she drew in her last breath.

Love Interests

numbuh 76

numbuh 571

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