"Sector L... ACTION TIME!"
Numbuh 799H

Harry S. McNobel or Numbuh 799h its the Leader of Sector L and the Most Energetic of Sector L

Numbuh 799H started at Arctic Academy at age of 6,2 years later he created Sector L but he didnt told Numbuh 362 of that sector,one time on an accident on his sector a Golden comet crashed onto the Construction of the treehouse and he and all his sector was choosen to protect the earth of "Supreme Adult tyranny".

Real Name:Harry Santy McNobel


Occupation on Sector:Leader/Tech checker


Desired voice actor:Ben Diskin or Tom Kenny


(1)-He is workaholic as Numbuh 1

(2)-He is from Chile

(3)-He Likes watch TV at 4:00 AM when everyone is sleeping

(4)-Check it out... all first 3 couriosities started with H (See it Again)

(5)-The H on his codename is because his name its Harry,and he chosed the H on his Codename

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