Numbuh 712 is an elite K.N.D. operative.


Numbuh 712 is calm and quiet but dangerous and unpredictable. He has delt with alot in the past and learned to hide his emotions behind a mask of indifference. His anger has built over the years and gives him incredible strength and ferocity on the battlefield.

Physical traitsEdit

Swift, silent and agile, Numbuh 712 is a dangerous opponent, often associated with a ninja. He may be weak in build, but he makes up for it in stealth and aggresion. His solo missions almost always include breaking in and out of enemy compounds unnoticed.

Preferred weaponryEdit

Numbuh 712 isn't a big fan of long range weaponry, preferring close, hand-to-hand combat.

  • S.C.A.M.P.P.

Other infoEdit

Numbuh 712 is one of the few agents who, despite being over thirteen, was never decommissioned due to his skills and devotion to the K.N.D.