"I'm forced to stay in a car with a teenage hormonal boy for nearly 4 hours that I'm forced to call my brother!"

Her numbuh comes from 2 orgins: sixty is the first letter in sixty-eight. Backward her numbuh is 86. Numbuh 68 is the fan made daughter of numbuh's 60 and 86. She is known to have a photographic momory since she knows the contents of her birth ceritificate. Full name: Samantha Brennah Drilovsky.Born: Feburary 29, 2020 at San Antionio Texas, at Mt. Sinai hospital, a 6:08 am. Currently she is 11 years old.


She is not in a specific sector, instead she is in charge of Arctic command. She trains and leaders others in the base. She likes to use her splanker a lot.


She is a mixture of her parents in many ways. From both of her parents she is known to know where her loyality's lie. She is respectful to her higher commanders. She can be pretty loud when she raises her voice. She likes to boast and is said to be rude. The rudeness in her she likes to call is brutelly honest. She is also bossy, easily annoyed, stubborn, and helpful. She hates to cook and despite her Irish background she hates bagpipe music. She can hate boys if they gave her a good reason.


She has wavy, thick, frizzy black hair under a snow hat. She has blue eyes that she got from numbuh 86. She is usually shown in a button up forest green sweater, white t-shirt, and orange skirt. She has boots like her mothers except that they are black. Her pajamas are yellow rainbow monkey pants. A navy blue shirt that says the proud and few leaper.


Her mother is numbuh 86, who got over hating boys in the decommissioning process. Her father is numbuh 60 which she takes after in some ways. She has an older brother named Brenden and two little sisters named Natalie and Bridget.


  • Sally Miyoshi Beatles
  • Marnia 'Marnie' Stock and Christina 'Christie' Stock
  • Alicia Vega
  • Kelsey Mallory


  • She broke her ankle when she was 5 and a half.
  • She had done 4 years of karate and got only 1 black belt.
  • Her favorite subject in school is English and history.
  • She loves to visit her dad on bring your daughter to work day.

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