Numbuh 625

Numbuh 625 Is A Very Calm And Unpredictible Numbuh He Uses Alot Of Shocking Things. He Is A Sector Z Operative.People Think That He Should Move Up To Sector V. But He Doesnt Want To Cause Of His Friends At Sector Z.Such As Him,He Is Very Mean Does Not Want Girls Too Like Him.As You Can See On His KND ID Card He Does get girl attention.His Favorite Tv Shows Are Chowder,Spongebob,Total Drama,Ed,Edd,N Eddy,T.U.F.F. Puppy,Also He Just Found Out That There Is A Pokemon Operative.

Things He Likes.Edit

Hobbies:*Soccer,Basketball,Video Games,Cooking,Swimming.

Interest:*Absoutloutley Nothing.

Music:*Hip Hop/Pop.

Books:Magic TreeHouse,The Secret World Of Alex Mack E.T.C,


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