Numbuh 5:14:29:5:18 to Numbuh 1Billion

April Dolor AKA Numbuh 5:14:29:5:18 is an American KND Operative.


Numbuh: 5:14:29:5:18 (Usually said as Numbuh ENTER)

Sector: Sector Z Mark 2

Gender: Female

Hair: Hazel

Eyes: Green

Hair Length: Long

Height: 5"0

Age: 10

Real Name: April

Regular outfit: Green T-Shirt, Skirt, Green Shoes

Armour: Arm Bracers made from Shin Pads, Shin Pads, Steel-Toed Football boots, Chest piece made from Fridge, (American) Football helmet with Red Visor

Weapons: P.O.K.E.R.S, Anything else she gets her hands on.


  • She is very, very, VERY distantly related to Numbuh 3.

Note: I am going to draw a picture and maybe write a story

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