2x4 officer of sector H

JoIning the KNDEdit

It happened one evening at the local park. I was playing with my friends doing no more then basic kid stuff. I simply went out of the area to find a frizbee I flew into the trees. Loosing my way back with it, I saw a shadow of a teenager watching me. She then called me with "Hey kid over here...yeah you". I ran to her about 5 feet away and she expsed herself to me. I dont know her and made sure she knows that but she pulled me into a bush mentioned about the TND I have bthe option to jion.

"Hellow I am only 6 years old" I said.

She told me to shut up. I was scraed to death and begged her to let me go but their was no mercy shown. A kid in uniform yelled to her "Hey let the kid go evil Teenager or else". "Or else what" she asked. I layed there alone getting confused about this. The kid then shot ketchup sqirts to her and I tried to leave behind her but the kid then yelled to me. I turned back and helped him up. He told me to get rid of this teenager and he will expain later. I had no idea what I was doing but she ran off while we talked. I guessed another one bit the dust moment. Then he explained to me this whole KND consept. I then accepted on my own.


I returned to the same location at the park and the kid showed me his army. Thinking it was very cool. A few other kidz join us as Numbuh 519 and Numbuh 517. He told me I can become an operative but told me to tell NOBODY and I had no problem keeping it. He was Numbuh 604. They had a team called sector H and I was accepted to join after that short battle with that teenager.


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