Name: Heather McVey

Age: 18

Hair color: Blond {Future black}

Size: 5"9

Eye color: unknown

Numbuh 497 is a graduated kid operative who worked alongside Numbuh 500 since the begining. Not much is known about her personal life. She is now a teenager who works in the babysitting industry. Kids will refer her too being the crazyest and most unbealieveable girl to mmet the kid eye.

KND lifeEdit

Heather used to work in the kids next door as a child under the conditions of her best friend in crime Numbuh 500. It might be an appeaent she knew Cree, Chad and Maurice back then too. Her sector was unknown but rumor said she was assistant nurse of sector V long before Numbuh 3.

TND lifeEdit

Becomming a teenager was a fast pace mission for her and she seemed ready right away.

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