Numbuh 424

Leader of Sector DX, KND Days

Numbuh 424 is a still active teenage member of the KND, but before his departure, he was the Leader of Sector DX


Sector DX


His Weapons Are: P.O.K.E.R.S. (Pointy and Kinda Even Really Scratchy), all he needs, but slso uses J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S. (Jet Engine Thrusted Airlift Boost Operatives Over Tough Stuff) on occasion

Friends: Kids Next Door Organization,Kids Next Door Moonbase, All Of The Sectors.LTDFCD!, Elfa Flight

Enemies: DCFDTL,Father,Grandma Stuffum, Cree, Chad,Count Spankulot!,The Toilenator,Parent Teacher Organization Of Eradicating Youngsters,King Sandy, Mr Fibb And Mr. Wink, Ice Cream Men, DNK.

He and his sector take all the most confidential missions, some call him the Hidden Cowboy.

He always finishes everything, no matter what the cost, unless that cost is his teammates.

He Is A Trained Ninja, has a wicked forearm (he can launch balls fast enough to penitrate a fully armed air carrier), And calm, collected leader.

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