Her full name is McKenzie Louise Uno. She is 14 years old and is the eldest and oldest daughter of Nigel and Rachel Uno. She looks up to her parents as heroes. Her birthday is August 9th 2018.

The 2nd WarEdit

She lead the KND rebellion. She was targeted among the preceding Father, David Delighful. When he realized that Nigel or Nigel's kids will get the powers. Since it goes to the next girl blood relative. Since Nigel has no sister McKenzie would gain them.


She was once apart of sector W, as the leader. Later when she was 11 she was promoted to supreme leader. Her favorite weapon is her staff.


She is far sighted and wears dark rimmed glasses. She has numbuh 1's brown hair and his blue eyes. Her pajamas are a red tank and gray shorts.

  • Infant to 2 When she was a baby her mom liked to dress her in a orange sleeper and a teal headband
  • 6 to 13 she liked to wear,gray and red Bermuda shorts, teal jacket and orange t-shirt. She got her glasses when she was 6.
  • 13 to 21 she wears a short sleave red shirt and gray jeans.


She is most like her mother,being pratical and organized. She is impatient, smart, kind, supportive. From both her her parents she gets the quality of being stern. Like her dad she is a believer and can get very paranoid. All of her family can be pretty stubborn.


  • Nigel Uno
  • Rachel McKenzie-Uno
  • Garrett Uno/12
  • Chris Uno/11


  • All of her brothers friends
  • Brenden Drilovsky


  • She is a spy and undercover as a nerd that worships the popular kids
  • She likes to read about undercover works and history
  • Her favorite class is English
  • She likes the color teal and orange.
  • Like her dad she folds her underwear.
  • She has a fear of needles
  • Not a good singer.
  • Can sleep through anything
  • Likes chicken

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