Operative 26381

Operative 26381 the day he decided to join the Kids Next Door.

Numbuh 26381, or Phoenix for short, is a KND operative who functions as the KND's first (and only) murder defense attorney. While a bit bumbling and awkward in conversation, Phoenix always knows what is right and fights to the end proving the impossible possible and the not-guilty innocent.

Before the KNDEdit

Known as Phoenix before he became part of the Kids Next Door, Operative 26381 was a shy individual who felt too scared to join the KND. One day, he was accused of stealing lunch money from a student in the class. With no alibi, Phoenix was about to be claimed "guilty" on the "charges" brought upon him. The "trial" was almost finished when KND Operative DL-6 proved that, without the proper evidence, Phoenix could not be guilty. Phoenix was then admitted to being Not Guilty and the accusations were dropped. On that day, Phoenix knew the only way he would get to see Numbuh DL-6 would be to join the KND and become . Phoenix applied to the KND a few hours later, and after a few days was accepted.

Operation: T.U.R.N.A.B.O.U.T.Edit

The day after he was accepted by the KND as their murder defense lawyer, Phoenix recieved a message from Numbuh 5 saying he was needed for a case; her fellow operative, Numbuh 4 of Sector V, was accused of "murdering" a large amount of rainbow monkeys owned by Numbuh 3 and was going to be put under trial. Though he was inexperienced, Phoenix was the one defending Numbuh 4 as both Numbuh 1.50 an hour and Numbuh DL-6 were busy on other, more expensive cases.


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