Numbuh 25 (Alycia Kim / Kim Ji-yeon) is a Korean operative of Sector K (originally made by Mr. Warburton though not brought up in the series much, so I took some creative liberties with this, replacing Numbuh 20 for being absent. Probably rewritten to an original Sector later, don't worry.)

Appearance Edit

Alycia tends to wear pink in most of her outfits, as it's her favorite color. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Pretty much all of childhood it's tied in a high ponytail, but as a teenager she wears it down more. She becomes more fashionable growing up.

Personality Edit

As a child she is a lot more outgoing and less shy than she is as a teenager. That was also when she took martial arts lessons, which taught her a lot about combat and helped improve her strength. She loves bunnies more than anything, that doesn't change.

As a teenager, Alycia is a bit more reserved than others but still possesses warmth and kindness. She is quite hardworking and intelligent, and excels in math and science. Throughout the years her favorite color is still pink and most of her things are shades of it, including clothes. Her passion includes astronomy and outer space, and she thinks the sky looks beautiful no matter when you look at it.

Alycia tnd
25 redraw 2010 vs 2017

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