Shaggy RogersEdit


Child Shaggy is Numbuh 2022 of the KND

Name: Shaggy Rogers

Age: 11

Position: Emimie distraction

Sector: DOO

Hair: Dirty blonde

Background profileEdit

May 2014Edit

Shaggy Rogers is a KND operative at age 11. After his long term training, he didn't have the appoint of joining any existing sector in the world. Therefore, a new sector was created due to the creation of Fred and their friends. In training, Shaggy was put on a trainee task to prank a tough TND enemy trio. {Numbuh 11, Numbuh 9 and Numbuh 274} His task was to TP all houses in the neighborhood without getting caught. Useing over 1,000 full toilet paper rolls given to him by Numbuh 100, he was ready for this. It took him no longer then 2 hours to TP the houses untill he made it to the home of Numbuh 5 and 11. The weather was cold and lights of that home were on as Numbuh 5 viewed the neighborhood from her bedroom window. She noticed Shaggy but didn't know much of him for being new to the KND.

She saw Shaggy comming up the driveway with a wheelbarrow filled with toilet paper rolls and took some serious action by throwing down a pirate hooked hand on the sidewalk landing a foot away from him. "Away boy, this house is under stroct monitor" Numbuh 5 shouted leaning out of her window. "WAIT, I'm training for the KIds Next Door position, Numbuh 100 assigned me this task to TP the neighborhood" Shaggy explained. They discussed the operation name and remained alert because Cree was wide awake and searching around for KND operatives passing by.

"What the heck is going on outside, Abigail" Cree asked her. "Friend of mine just playing around, no need to get all crazy sis" Abigail answered.

'By the hour of midnight striking, every house on the street was TPed from roof to patio, from window to front door. Shaggy was very tired after that and returned to the training base with lots of photographs of his work. Numbuh 60 then shook his hand and scheduled the graduation for thiis summer after some papaer work and training the rest Of sector: DOO'.

After graduationEdit

Shaggy AKA Numbuh 2022 is in sector: DOO with his best firends. The team isn't all that clear on location though. They are all working very hard on their own little enimies that can be designed as every single type of fear a child would ever have. Each indevisual mission is unclear on who's behind the operation but they all go kid detectives on the case.

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