Backstory Edit

Dave Wittenberg or as he is known by most as Numbuh 119 is a current operative of the KND. Unlike most operatives however he has quite the unique job description.

One thing that comes up a lot in the families of operatives is that some operatives are related to the very same villains that they fight. A few examples include Numbuh 86's Dad, Numbuh 5's older sister, and basically Numbuh 1's whole family at this point. One thing they all have in common is that they usually exhibit attributes from their family. Numbuh 1's family consisted of strong leaders and Numbuh 86's dad is Mr Boss and as such Numbuh 86 is very bossy. However in this one rare instance David inherted something no one could have expected.

Numbuh 119's grandfather is the dodgeball wizard, young David found that he could telekinetically control dodgeballs just like his grandfather. After discovering this power after being an operative for about 3 months his position went from Hand to Hand Kombat Expert to the KND's very first Dodgeball Specialist.

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