Angelica pickles (all grown up)

Numbuh 1014

Name: Angelica Pickles

Age: 13

Hair: Blond

Sector: RUG

Position: Teen helper

KND lifeEdit

As a child Angelica spent her entire life with her cousins and there friends. Being the main enimie thoughout the series of rugrats. In 5th grade at school, some kid by the name of Robby Henson turned out to be stoking her all year only to find out he is a KND operative. Angelica wasn't to impressed about it only to the fact she knew about Tommy and Dill. She entered only to knock Tommy on his butt and use Dill as her little slave much as the normal teenager does. Angelica joined the KND at age 9 waiting when her other friends woudl join her. Susie and Harold are her closest KND supervisors. She'd be in Sector RUG but doesn't really participate in their missions and tries to just monitor everything they ever do.

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