Tommy pickles big

Numbuh 1010

Name: Thomas Pickles

Age: 10

Hair: Dark Purple

Sector: RUG

Status: Leader

KND enterenceEdit

Near age 9 Tommy and his friends wanted to explore more then just a backyard and playgrounds. Angelica was still a bully like cousin on him so he wanted a new cycle to expand his revenge on her. When at school a certanin kid named Numbuh 87 approced him at lunch. Tom had no idea what he was talking about when mentioning the kids next door. After a long discussion he was convinced to join them and all his friends in a new sector. It took him very quickly to get his uniform and be prepared but what cought his eye was his Anglica being an actually teenger undercover for 2 years now.

Cousin rivalry with AngelicaEdit

TYommy knew he had to ruin everything she has in her sector. So he devised a methhood of revenge by himself and wanted Kimi, Chuckie, Lillian and Phillip to create his team. These 5 new operatives knew they will make big changes to their own lives. Meanwhile on the cutting edge of town Angelica finds out their new team and insited on taking out the only kid who actually didn't join them Dillyn. Yes she actually kidnapped her yougest cousin in order to put Tommy in her comands.

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