Numbah Z is the leader of Sector PC. She is always busy, and almost never sleeps at night. She is usually riding either a W.o.l.f or a R.o.b.o.h.o.r.s.e She killed Numbah 59 and played the part of Brambleclaw at the end of Operation W.a.r.r.i.o.r.s She knows lots of random songs, and sings them with Numbah D, her best friend. She died in Operation W.a.r.r.i.o.r.s when she was in the medic room after killing Numbah 59


First Life: Numbah Z normally wore a Krispy Kreme hat and a green sweater. She also wore leopard print shoes and mittens in the winter. She normally wears blue shorts, and has black sneakers. She almost always has a P.l.a.s.m.a on her left hand.

Second Life: She wears black cat ears and tail. Other than that, she wears mostly black. Her shoes are orange and used for tree climbing, she also wears gloves with the same appearance and usage.


Numbah Z has five people and one cat in her family.

Numbah 566- Numbah Z's mom who was the former leader of Sector YU, which was a very secretive sector.

Numbah 534- Numbah Z's dad, he was a spy, not much else is known about him.

Numbah C- Numbah Z's brother leader of a 2x4 tech sector, Sector MC He and Numbah H let out gelatos in Operation Po.r.t.a.l

Numbah GR- Numbah Z's little sister, was carried away by a jaguar and never seen again.

Sly- Sly is a domestic shorthair cat, who is a spy for Sector PC he wears a collar with a high tech camera on it and has a bionic eye.

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