"Never fight you're enemies, instead be polite and kind to them, and then stab them in the back"

Negative Numbuh 57.5 to Negative Numbuh 211104

Bocaj Yalc AKA -Numbuh 57.5 is the opposite of Numbuh 57.5 , and has betrayed the KND.


Numbuh: -57.5

Sector: Negative Sector Z Mark 2

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Hair Length: Average

Height: 5"2


Real Name: Bocaj

Regular Outfit: Blue formal shirt, Black formal trousers, Black Formal Shoes, Black waistcoat, Belt

Armour: Iron man style Grey Chestpeice, Helmet with electric things coming out, Robotic Left hand.

Weapons: Cleaning/Ray gun, Bath pellets, Heavy Hammer



  • He has never watched a film or read a book. He only watches the News and reads Newspapers
  • He always speaks very poshly, and never uses incorrect grammar or speaks oddly
  • He knows that bakers make PIE not PI
  • He knows nothing beyond what the leading scientists know
  • He has no proper home, but he stays in America, and hs no way of getting anywhere else.
  • He HATES any sort of music or expression
  • He ABSOLUTELY Detests Negative Numbuh 211104

Note: I am going to draw a picture and maybe write a story

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