Mr. B.
is a small, bad boy. He is the head of the "Kid-Tacular Kids Channel" in ''Operation: C.A.B.L.E.-T.V.. He also has the physical figure of an infant, but insists that he is not a baby. His broadcasting satellites were repeatedly shot down by the KND, due to their interference with the KND satellite web. When the two confront each other, Mr. B offers to give the KND a show on his network in exchange for being allowed to run it. However, this was done so he could get access to their global satellite web and use it to turn everyone in the world into babies with his Age Cigar. He is defeated when he is hit by his own weapon and turned into an actual baby, and is put into the care of his assistants, who were revealed to be his parents. He is the smallest villain.


He has a bald head, blue eyes, large ears and wearing his diaper, red necktie, white shirt and blue coat. In some new episode, He is naked, but he's only wearing diaper and baby bottle.


  • He resembles a Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Both have male voice and cigar.
  • He looks like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, Both are small, mischeif and have football head.

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