Mother KND
"You are no match for me!"


The Inquisitive Children of the Mists, Jacob Dickson, Numbuh 274, Numbuh 11, Father, Numbuh 12


Her children, her beauty, winning, power, destruction


Failures, losing, losing her beauty

Desired Voice Actor

Sherri Stoner

Mother/Mrs. Melissa Burgertow McKenzie is an enemy of the Kids Next Door and the mother of The Inquisitive Children of the Mists. She is Father's rival/friendemy. She is the daughter of Grandmother who is also Grandfather's rival. She has three children in her blood, Jacob Dickson, Cree Lincoln, and Chad Dickson. She is created by James Farina and Tom Warburton. 

Background InformationEditEdit

Melissa Burgertow McKenzie was once a friend to Ben and Monty Uno and was a slave, working for Grandfather (a.k.a. Benedict Uno Sr.) Once Grandfather was destroyed, she learned of Grandfather's magic and partnered with Ben and became a teenager like him. They dated for a while and split do to their different ideas of making adults rule the world. While Ben moved to America, Melissa moved to the jungles of South America and took over a monstary.  She became Mother and started abucting children and turn them into her slaves and warriors. She and her children hide in an abandoned and haunted fortress, looking in fashion to Inca Architecture. She also created three children, Chad, Cree, and Jacob. Chad and Cree are adopted and taken to America, Jacob stayed with Mother and Jacob often goes up to see his siblings in the guise of a Teen Ninja.

Fun Fact: Both Father's Voice Actor, Maurice LaMarche and Mother's Voice Actress, Sherri Stoner were both in Animaniacs.

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