Milo Casper

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Occupation in Sector

Field Operative

Occupation After Decommissioning

Teen Ninja


No information

Desired Voice Actor

Jennifer Hale


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Milo Casper is a member of Sector R, created by Numbuh 404. He tends to -- unknowingly -- keep the entire sector together like glue for macaroni art. NOTE: The storyline below may be altered in the future. The information currently posted is considered outdated by the author.

Background InformationEdit

He is terrified of lice after hearing about what transpired for Sector V, and is allergic to bee stings. If stung, he would break out in hives for several days.

While the rest of the group is 10, he is only 9 and is the shortest of them, also making him the scapegoat if something goes wrong even though he usually isn't the problem. He is the least connected to Numbuh 666 because they don't have anything in common aside from being on the same team, living in the same city/state, and serving in the Kids Next Door. Though he tried to bond in the first few weeks after graduating as a cadet, he failed to make progress and ultimately gave up; thinking that if he backed off, thing would click between them. Through the years, he remains patient and keeps himself happy by being told stories by Numbuh 652 or playing video games with Numbuh 650.

Relationship to Numbuh 19th CenturyEdit

To be filled in soon!

As a TeenagerEdit

To be filled in soon!


As a child: He has blonde hair with outgrown bangs and orange tips, light skin, and large eyes. He wears a dark green shirt with a black exclamation point on it, baggy light blue jeans that partly cover orange and white scratched up sneakers. Sewn onto his left knee is a smiley face patch. He is the "obnoxious ball of sunshine" as his leader says when describing him to other kids.