Miley Ferguson
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Occupation in Sector

Head Anchorwoman for the KNN

Occupation After Decommissioning



Sectors R, L, V, the Moon & Arctic Prisons Bases

Desired Voice Actor

Tara Strong


Original: Mr. Warburton Fanon: Numbuh 404

Formerly known as Numbuh 10, Miley strengthens her reputation as "the prettiest girl ever in the KND". Though she is no longer a part of it, she was never forgotten or easily replaced in the Kids Nightly News (KNN). NOTE: The storyline below may be altered in the future. The information currently posted is considered outdated by the author.

As a TeenagerEdit

In school, she developed a crush on Johnny and is not afraid to flirt, but after realizing he had the same feelings for his best friend, Nora Wilkins, she became more persistent. She learned from him - sitting two seats away in his math class - that she was still into Nicholas Bell, who wasn't into her back.

Seeing the unfolding love pentagon happening, she sought help from Fanny Fulbright. Rumor had it that she still had a thing for Nick, which she proved through a three day texting conversation. Keeping in touch gave them a seemingly-sisterly relationship, and in turn she convinced Johnny that if Fanny and Nick hooked up, Nora would have more time with him. Johnny liked the idea and agreed to help; then Miley set up for phase two.

She never anticipated that Chad Dickson would get involved and end up dating Nora, but it worked to her advantage because then she was able to stand at Johnny's side, offering comfort for losing the girl he loved, and strengthening their relationship. She managed to crack him at the Freshman and Sophomore Dance a month later and told him about her feelings. She was surprised when he rejected her at first, but could tell that he had no one else to turn to - she knew he would return soon, and he did.

She kept in touch with Fanny about her progress with Nick - which ultimately ended up failing, as he no longer loved her - and kept an eye on Chad and Nora's relationship. Even when they broke up and Johnny made his move, Nora rejected him, claiming she belonged to Nick. Miley waited for him, and when he came, she gave him comfort, again, and then strongly hinted towards them hooking up. Finally, Johnny accepted.


Her hairstyle is the same, but her clothes are not: she wears a light blue open-chest vest over a dark blue strapless dress with ruffled edges. A belt resembling Johnny Forsythe's robotic kneecaps is on her as well thigh-high white tights and a pair of yellow heels. Last is her gold-band necklace, which was a gift from a secret admirer one Valentine's Day when she was 13.

Voice Actor(s)Edit

Originally she was voiced by Tara Strong, and so it shall remain in the fanon criteria.

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