Leia and luke

Leia and her husband Luke

Leia and Luke are two protagonists in the video game KND: Undercover. Luke will be voiced by David Rudman and Leia will be voiced by Tara Strong.


  • They are intelligent and friendly. Luke is handsome while Leia is pretty.


  • Luke is very slender, messy blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin and wears purple sweater, blue jeans, purple converse and sunglasses. Leia is very slender, long blonde hair, blue eyes, pink lipstick, light skin and wears pink shirt, purple coat, sunglasses, blue jeans and purple shoes.


  • They are both have same name of Luke and Leia from Star Wars.
  • Leia is very similar to the Taffyta from Wreck-It Ralph.

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