"Mr. Heinrich, Mr. Heinrich Von Marzipan sir, The Temple is just ahead, Just like I said sir, So now you wouldn't take Hopsy-Mopsy away, Right?"

"Noooooo!, You said "You wouldn't take my Hopsy-Mopsy"!"

"I'm sorry, Sidney, I shouldn't help Heinrich in the first place."

Jessica is a dark-haired first-grade girl, who wears a pink dress, purple hairband and pink shoes, Her first appearing in Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T., Where she was blackmailed by Heinrich Von Marzipan into leading him/her to the chocolate volcano. Heinrich threatened to throw her precious stuffed bunny, Hopsy Mopsy, into the chocolate volcano. Even though Jessica did everything he/she said, Heinrich still turned her rabbit into chocolate before attempting to turn first graders' pet rabbit Mr. Fluffleupagus into chocolate as well.

In a fit of rage, Jessica rescued Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 5 from the choco-lava and pushed Heinrich off the rim of the volcano and into the lava, seemingly killing him/her. Her stuffed bunny was then returned to normal by Mr. Fluffleupagus' magic.

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