Januchi Wakashima is a Japanese-American boy. He was selected to become one of the operatives in the backup team and offered a chance to spy on enemy bases. He was a tactician with his teammate Ling ChangHong but in a different group.

Info Edit

Name: Januchi Wakashima

Age: 12

KND operative Numbuh: 75

Equipment: None

Interests: Become a tactician, assist his friends on missions, backing up any operative

Friends: Backup operatives, Sector V and rest of operatives

Enemies: Father, Ninja teens, Bounty Hunters and Other villians.

Likes: completing various missions.

Dislikes: Failure on fights and missions. Plans being foiled by villains.

Personality Edit

Januchi Wakshima was a great operative, he's a calm operative and doesn't shout so often. He still assist other operatives. He sometimes speaks Japanese and sometimes English as well. On certain missions, he can turn himself into a devil form of Januchi, his personality in devil form is aggressive, evil and dastardly nasty.

Appearance Edit

He wears a grey jacket with a hoodie on it, a red T-shirt, blue trousers with white flames on it, and his white sneakers. In his Devil form he wears blue trousers, with white flames on it and his white sneakers but he has no top on it. instead, he has horns on his head, wings on his back which he can fly, his fingerless fighting gloves turn into fighting claws, tattoos on his upper body and he has a red eye on his forehead which can shoot lazers

dialogue Edit

"So. What do you want?"

"There's no reason to attack"

"We were almost certainly be walking into a threat in this country"

"At last, there's hope, after all."

"But it is unfortunate that i'm not alone".


"Come on"

"I'll get you"

"Thank my mother"

Trivia Edit

This operative was a similar character to Jin Kazama and Devil Jin from the Tekken series.

He was born in Japan and moved to United states when he was little. But before he starts his certain missions, he moved to New Zealand to do a lot of training in the Dojo Master Training to do martial arts, art of Karate, and combat training in exercising gyms.

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