Horgarth fusilli
Hogarth Fusilli is a minor antagonist from the video game KND: Undercover 2: The Wally Begins. He is a very nasty man who lives at the stage. He speaks in a Russian accent. He was defeated and captured by Jessie Fortuna. He will be voiced by a Jack Black.


  • He is very nasty, sneaky, mean, scary and insane.


  • He is tall and slender, He has light skin, big nose, black eyebrows, very messy hair, large smile with missing tooth, mustache, orange eyes and wears large purple fedora, long green cape, purple and red striped sweater, dark purple pants and brown boots.


  • He is a playable character. To unlock him, set all the lights in stage.
  •  His mustache is similar to the Officer Beaples' from The Wiggles.
  • His name was similar to the Horgarth from Iron Giant and The Great Fusilli from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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