Froggy McDougal
"Oh My, i better get those Consts reports done pronto"-- Froggy McDougal

Froggy McDougal is part frog human and was one of the Conrads of Vin Moosk's tie fighting group the others were Windsor and later Nigel Uno. He wanted revenge of the ties after he lost a finger to a tie in the 1970's, which Windsor told Nigel to not let him scare him. Later when the group storms Tieland Shopping Mall, he warned Moosk to not let Queen Tie that there, but she wakes up Moosk then told him to get back over during his speech but he had not noticed Queen Tie behind him, he is then turned into a Accountant saying "Oh My, i better get those Consts reports done pronto", thus leaving Tieland to Moosk Windsor Numbuh 1 and Queen Tie in the end. He was seen working in the same office with Moosk at Accounting and Son. He is voice by Dave Wittenberg.


  • He is an obvious parody of Gollum from the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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