Experiment 626 AKA (Stitch) is one of Jumba's 625 Genetic Experiments. His Home Is In Kauai,Hawaii. In Disney's Lilo And Stitch (The Movie) Stitch Was Under Arrest By The Galactic Federation For Rampaging People. He However Escaped Into A Red Space Cruiser And Landed On Earth. He Was Placed In An Animal Kennel After His Ship Was Destroyed By Gantu. Lilo Is The Rightful Owner Of Stitch. In Lilo And Stitch 2, Stitch Had A Glitch. He Is A Super Computer. He can see in the dark and move objects 300 Times His Size! His Only Instict,Is To Destroy Everything He Touches. Stitch Is Afraid Of Water and He Hates SnowFlakes. He Is Voiced By Chris Sanders!

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