Dr. Stupido

"Well then, Hand it over."

Dr. Stupido 
also known as Steve von Wilson is the main antagonist only appears in a one episode "Crook and the Shoemaker". He is a evil and sneakiest man and rival of Numbuh 2. He was voiced by Tommy Lee Jones.


  • Dr. Stupido first appeared at the Breakfast. He went to the shoe store and he has long shoes and he wanted to buy new shoes. He chase Sector V at the hotel, however, Numbuh 363 kick him and feels pain. He feels mad because he lost his scarf. He doesn't care. He is at the hotel room and hand things over. He ride on his speedy boat and chases Sector V riding on boat. Numbuh 2 fights him and Numbuh 4 punched him and Dr. Stupido falls into a deep sea at the ocean. The scary deep sea monster fish begin to eat him by his bottom and arms. The scary dragonfish use its sharp teeth to bite Dr. Stupido's head and eats him.


  • He is stupid, nonsense and greedy.


  • He is short and chubby, half bald, auburn hair, brown eyes, large teeth, seven fingers, yellow skin and wears grey bowler hat, monocle, scarf (later lose), white bow tie matching his shirt, grey oversized coat, brown pants and very long black shoes.



  • He speaks in a German accent.
  • His death is similar to the ZigZag's death from Thief of the Cobbler fim.
  • His appearance is similar to The Penguin's.

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