Dr. purple
Dr. Purple
later, renamed Baron Mosasaur also known as Tony P. Garmadon is a new main antagonist from the new video game KND: Undercover 2: The Wally Begins and 2013 episode. He is a minor antagonist in the video game KND: Undercover. He is a very scary criminal. He will be voiced by Jim Cummings.


  • He is very scary, sneaky, crazy, angry and terrible.


  • He is tall and very slender, light skin, messy black hair, handbar mustache, purple eyes and large purple top hat, mask, gloves, purple coat, necktie, shirt, pants and boots.



  • He is a playable character. To unlock him, complete the level 18.
  • He is looks more like a Snidely Whiplash.

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