Desha Lewis
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Occupation In Sector

Second In Command and Spy



Desha Lewis, also know as Numbuh 2015, is a character created by Babysmurfrocks

Background InformationEdit

She actually entered the KND at the age of 6, as she was in charge of snacks to bring for the former group of Sector IN before the others entered. She actually was trained by the former Second in Command/ Spy of Sector I, Numbuh 2000, when she joined Sector IN. A year later, as the other former members of Sector IN turned 13 and became decommisioned, she was sad to see Numbuh 2000 be decommisioned but knew that she couldn't stop it from happening. After Numbuh 2000 decommissioning and Cree took Numbuh 2000 as a recruit Desha wanted to do anything to keep Numbuh 2000 from being recruited by the Teens. Luckily Desha got her wish when their first mission was to keep a watch on Numbuh 2000 and if the Teens were up to something they were to report back to Moon Base so Sector V could handle it. Of course Desha's team followed orders except after their mission was complete she followed after Sector V.


As an 8-year-old spy and Second in Command for her sector, she is one of the members that likes to take her missions seriously as she is described as a quick-thinker and responsible. She is also a tomboy like Numbuh 2014, her best friend, and actually not really into girly stuff, like rainbow monkeys.


Long black hair, orange shoes, orange long sleeve shirt, white socks, and blue shorts

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