Danny Cooksey will soon voice Numbuh 325,326 in season 7 using the same voice he used as Jack Spicer in the Cartoon Network television cartoon series: 'Xiaolin Showdown'.

Danny Cooksey
Numbuh 325,326 voice portrayer
Danny Cooksey to voice Numbuh 325,326 in season 7

Date of Birth

November 2, 1975


Moore, Oklahoma, USA


Actor, singer and voice portrayer

Years Active



Amber Leigh Cooksey (1998-present)

2 children of their own



Best known live action television series roles

Budnick on 'Salute Your Shorts' (1991-1992)

Sam McKinney on 'Diff'rent Strokes' (1978-1986)

Best known voice portraying roles

Montana Max on 'Tiny Toon Adventures' (1990-1992)

Milo on 'Pepper Ann' (1997-2000)

Dave on 'Dave the Barbarian' (2004)

Video game voice portraying roles

Mr. Patch in Banjo-Tooie (2000)

Musical Career


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