Charlie & Issac Anderson
[[Knd oc s number 2012 a and b by babysmurfrock-d6rdcdy|px]]




2012 A&B



Occupation in Sector

Leader (Charlie), Hand-to-Hand combat expert (Issac)



Charlie and Issac, also known as 2012a (Charlie) and 2012b (Issac) are character created by Babysmurfrocks

Background InformationEdit

They were first enterned into the KND when they were 7 years old, with Charlie becoming Sector IN's leader, and with Issac becoming the hand-to-hand combatant of the sector. They are both eager to fight adult tyranny, but stick with their age-appropriate missions. Charlie has a crush on Numbuh 2015, while Issac has an enormosly, obvious crush on Numbuh 2014 even if he doesn't like to admit it.


As an 8-year-old leader (Charlie), he comes up with the daily schedule for the Sector when it comes to Missons, grocery store runs, or just errands. However, he still adds in time for going to the movies, getting ice cream, or playing video games.

As an 8-year-old hand-to-hand combat specialist (Issac), he the most capable when it comes to physical fighting but is the calmest of the team when he's not on a mission,and usually plays video games.


(Charlie) Black spikey-like hair, black shorts, yellow hoodie with a black letter A on the front, black hat and shoes, and white socks.

(Issac) Black spikey-like hair, yellow shorts, black hoodie with a yellow letter B on the front, yellow hat, black shoes and white socks.

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