Enemies who are have more health and are harder to defeat then regular ones.

KND: UndercoverEdit

  • Level 13: Luminara's Place Bosses: Dr. Johnson (10 hearts)
  • Level 17: Sinister Clyde's Evil Hideout Bosses: Sinister Clyde (10 hearts)
  • Level 18: Randall's Revenge Bosses: Randall Maul (10 hearts)

KND: Undercover 2: The Wally BeginsEdit

 *  Level 7: These Pirates Who Didn't Do Anything Bosses: Ichthyosaur (Guy) (3 hearts each) One-Eyed Mike (10 hearts each)

 * Level 9: Monitor Fight Bosses: Van Smelt (8 hearts)

  • Level 15: The Final Battle Bosses: Dr. Purple (20 hearts)

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