Alexander Côte is a Canadian-American Boy, he was a former street racer for his own team and he's a member of the bounty hunter team lead by Samantha Chung-Yun. He helps and assist other teens and villains to stop the Kids Next Door.

Info Edit

Name: Alexander Cote

Age: 16

Imterests: Formerly interested in street racing and now interested of helping the villains take out the KND.

Vehicles: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, Acura RSX and Ford Mustang GT (with performance upgrades and Visual upgrades on with presented vinyls and decals).

Equipment: Walkie talkies, Taser gun and handcuffs (given by Samantha) and laser gun (given by ninja teens).

Weapons/powers on vehicle: Shockwave, Stun Mine, direct port nitrous boost tank.

friends: Gracie Chung-Yun, Samantha Chung-Yun, ninja teens and other villains.

enemies: Sector V and other KND operatives.

Personality Edit

Alexander Côte was a best-experienced teenager, he lend assistance for the ninja teens and other villains to take out the KND and help control the world. He has a great relationship with Samantha's sister Gracie, to let her join his street racing team and helping with the fight for the Ninja teens and other villains.

Appearance Edit

Alexander Cote wears a white jacket with hoodie, yellow T-shirt, black fingerless gloves, blue trouses and white sneakers. He has black hair as well

Quotes Edit

Hi, I'm one of the best-experienced teens to help you guys.

Hey, I just turn 16 ok, everything is under control.

Samantha was a great leader but, that's not her driving.

Who is this guy?

you got some very cool moves in that car, and I still need a new recruit for my team. Welcome to my street racing team: the Technic

Here, take my Acura RSX, I added a Direct Port nitrous oxide afterburner. I also added a few teenage technology on it as well.

Try and stop the kids next door Gracie.

Trivia Edit

The name was almost the same as a fictional race driver from Codemasters racing game: GRID Autosport.

He was born in Canada and move to United States when he was little.

He was used to be a street racer but he decided to do other things than to do street racing like joining the villains missions to stop the KND.

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